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NEC phone systems

                     Phone systems for business

Every business needs a telephone system for smooth operation. No matter, which product or service industry the business belongs to, a strong network for the coworkers and a steady reach out to the clients and customers outside is required. This is what most productivity suites attempt to do. Whether you are using Microsoft Office at workplace or when you are using your Smartphone on the go, all these programmes, devices and system are out there to bring the employees together.

Depending on the nature of the business, there are various different phone systems, each with its own unique traits, which can be used to maximize the productivity of the employees. The most popular brands are Avaya, NEC Unified Solutions, Nortel, Toshiba, Cisco, and Inter-Tel; Cisco and NEC phone systems being the most common of them. Each brand itself offers their unique service that is not available elsewhere. Hence, take your time in choosing the right phone systems for your business.

If you are running a medical office like a clinic or a laboratory, it’s highly advisable to have the following six services. Although not completely necessary, these services will help you maintain a smooth organizational flow at the office. These services are:

Virtual/Automated Attendant

From selecting multiple languages to routing the call between the different employees to performing simple tasks such as scheduling, the possibilities are limitless when working with an automated attendant. These also help you handle a larger traffic by keeping patients on hold while the employee is busy.

Advanced Call Routing

This way, you can automatically route calls from different customers to the appropriate department without any hassles. This avoids the need to manually route calls.

Advanced Tracking

This way, you can keep a track on the employee productivity by tracking their lunch, breaks, call times and other information.

Computer and Telephone integration

Also known as softphone, this technology boosts the productivity of the employees tenfold. This eliminates the need for operating two devices at the same time, which enhances the productivity. Apart from decreasing the response time, various features that are not supported in business phones can be added using computers.


               Business phone systems benefits


This feature is intended for the office staff. It should be a confidential voicemail for authorized staff to access.

Voicemail access through Email accounts

Although not a necessary feature, it will be useful in a large medical institute.
It would be best to hire a local business system provider to setup the NEC phone systems that suits your needs. Make sure that these amenities are provided in it.

A Look At Business Phone Systems

Phone Systems

                  Business Phone System

Business phone systems have become an almost absolute need for today’s businesses. Whether big or small, most any organization relies on its phone system to maintain the efficiency of their business. This is why the initial purchase and setting up of a network is taken very seriously, especially by start-up firms. It is what connects them to their client essentially, so in the long run, stinting on it can prove fatal for the company.

Setting up their own phone system makes it easier for a company to organize phone calls, not to mention, to cut down costs considerably. Installation is relatively easy too, and buying a phone system doesn’t cost as much as it used to. This is probably why smaller companies have heavily converged to buy them; this has been the case for some time now.

By getting a good phone system itself, an organization can easily streamline its business practices, by making sure that communication is maintained where it’s needed. It’s also a good channel for maintaining a productive relationship with employees.

Based on features and the technology used, business phone systems are fundamentally of three types: KSU less, PBX, and Key Systems. There’s also a fourth subtype, which is a hybrid of the last two.

KSU less Systems: These are intended for businesses that have manpower of 10 employees, since a KSU less System can support no more than as many phone extensions. They’re cheaper than the alternative systems, and highly popular among small businesses. Installation is very easy, and so is relocation.

Organize Phone Calls

                      PBX Phone System

PBX systems: These can handle more than 40 phone line extensions, and are the obvious choice for a company that has somewhere close to 40 employees. The prices of PBX systems have dropped recently, which is why they are now within easy reach of moderate-sized firms. They’re typically compact, and so don’t take up much space. PBX systems also feature many options that are absent in KSU less Systems.

Key systems: These can support anywhere between 5 to 40 extensions simultaneously. Key systems bring in features that PBX lacks, but they’re not nearly as flexible for most common business uses.

That was a look at business phone communication systems – their advantages and types. Make sure that you research well before picking a setup for your business. And of course, keep an eye on your budget constraints, before and during purchase and implementation. For more information on PBX, check our latest posts.

Advantages Of VoIP Phone Systems

VoIP phone systems

                           Benefits of VoIP

Monetary gains by savings in huge phone bill are not the sole objective of most enterprises that switch to VoIP systems. Not only are such services more reliable than the standard old-fashioned telephone systems, they provide a wide array of benefits that directly affect the productivity of the employees. In Voice over IP systems, the normal phone calls are first converted to digital form of data that can be transmitted over the internet. Moreover, VoIP phone systems are getting more advanced over time and can be enhanced to fit in lot more features as and when needed.

The popularity of VoIP phone system is imminent because of the following reasons:

  • The biggest benefit of installing this system is the cost saving. Once you make the initial investment needed to make the purchase, you will be saving a significant amount of money on phone bills every single month.
  • Another major advantage is portability. Once you buy your VoIP equipment, you can take the device any place that has high-speed connection because each phone has a unique address used to identify itself.
  • Scalability is another major benefit of this system. With time, your business will grow and require more manpower, which means more traffic for your business telephone system. Not only can VoIP systems handle the extra traffic, they can be easily scaled according to your needs. You only need to add on to the existing system and do not need to completely replace it.
  • If you have multiple offices in different places or run a business that faces a lot of telephone traffic within the company itself, you can choose to connect the office together with a private network. This way, you would be able to cut further cost by eliminating unnecessary internet charges.
  • VoIP phone systems are a huge benefit for employees because they can take their work
    three-way calling

                         Business phone system

    home and manage everything sitting wherever they are. A high-speed internet connection will ensure the employee is hooked in to the network, no matter where he is situated. Apart from work-at-home employees, this system also benefits travelling workers who are always on the go.

  •  From call waiting to seamless call transfers, your business will benefit from a large range of features that include call forwarding, three-way calling, caller ID and voicemail.

You can monitor the traffic of individual employees and listen in on the conversation, if needed. This feature lets you monitor the performance of your employees.

Finding The Apt Phone System For Your Business

Avaya Phone System

                                   Phone Systems

Finding and installing the appropriate phone systems is a very important part of running a business. Phone systems can be used as powerful marketing tools to promote your business. With the help of the appropriate phone system, you will be able to run your business smoothly, providing hundred percent satisfaction to your customers.

Finding A Suitable System

Phone systems these days are modern with many functions and give the users the ability to simplify routine business tasks, making your work easier and faster. In addition, choosing the right phone system for your business will give you increased profit and you will be able to achieve your desired marketing results.

While looking for the appropriate phone system for your business, you will have to consider reviewing the features of the phone system and check if it will suit the needs of your business. You will also have to consider the usability and maintenance of the phone system. You can always consider the Avaya phone system, if you are looking for a blend of features and cost effectiveness.

Some of the great features of Avaya phone system for small businesses are explained below.

  • Call recording
  • Party conferencing
  • IP networking for multiple sites
  • Easy to use handsets
  • IP soft phones and IP Handsets
  • Built in modem and remote diagnostics

Avaya phone systems are intended for large-scale businesses but they have also developed phone systems that are aimed at small businesses. These phones offer VoIP platform and the latest technology that can help in running a business. A small business can make use of the features that are provided by Avaya to help the company grow. In addition to the advanced features, Avaya phones are also much easy to use.

Call Recording

                         Business Phone System

The advanced features of the Avaya phones can help small businesses to meet their telecommunication needs, thereby contributing to the overall growth of the business. Communication plays a very important role in the overall success of a business. Through effective communication, customers and clients will be able to contact you and become aware of the business that you are operating. Phone systems serve as the first lane of communication for the clients and customers who are establishing business relationships with you.

If you wish to know more on the Avaya phone systems, you can contact a professional in the field of communication and telephone systems.

Phone Systems For Small Businesses

Small Business Phone System

            Business Phone System

A dedicated phone system plays a major role in improving the communication between the clients and entrepreneurs. One such small business phone system, that can offer a professional corporate image for your business is the virtual VoIP system. PBX phone systems for small businesses help save huge capital expenditure and also help to improve the productivity of the business. Many factors like the number of extensions that are needed to set up the system, and the capability to support existing systems and equipments, need to be considered while choosing the small business phone system.

Feature-Rich Hosted Phone System

Hosted IP telephone systems make use of state-of-the-art technologies and these are always implemented in a virtual manner. These systems offer the same functionalities of the expensive premise based systems at lesser costs. The inbuilt features in virtual phone system include, dial by extension, dial by name, caller ID, auto attendant, call transfer, call screening, music on hold, call forwarding, fax mail, voicemail, and more. With the help of the Find Me Follow Me call forwarding facility, calls can be routed to the appropriate persons regardless of the location in real time. This system allows the users to program a list of phone numbers where the user may be available.

The Find Me Follow Me call forwarding will help you to receive the calls at your home phone numbers or cell phone numbers when you are out of the office. If the call goes unattended, it will be forwarded automatically to a voicemail system. Hosted PBX phone systems for small businesses can offer access to each employee as well as different departments via a single number. You need not buy, install, or maintain any hardware or software on your premises while opting for virtual VoIP phone systems.

Follow Me Call Forwarding

          Phone System For Small Business

Furthermore, you do not need to request the service of technicians to upgrade or carry out the maintenance at regular intervals, as the hosted phone service offers all the equipments at their site and performs the required service there itself. Another key feature of the hosted telephone systems is disaster recovery. Any damage to the public telephone network will not disrupt the functioning of a hosted PBX system as all the functionalities are offered over the Internet.

Restoration is very easy in the case of these systems. If you wish to know more on small business phone systems, you can contact a professional in the field.

Salient Features Of Advanced PBX Phone Systems

PBX Phone System

                      Advanced Phone Systems

Effective and timely communication is the key factor that determines the success of every business organization. This is one reason why nowadays most of the corporate business firms have a PBX phone system installed inside their premises.

Do you want to see your company flourish and make substantial profits? Then it is high time that you started to use a PBX phone system. Read along to know more about the salient features of the advanced phone systems.

PBX phone systems

Private Branch Exchange or PBX system is in fact the device that acts as a basic connector between public telephone systems and business phone systems. In other words, we can say that a Private Branch Exchange system is indeed a hybrid phone system that enables us to streamline all our telephonic communications. One of the major advantages of PBX phone systems is that the charges for the calls made are less when compared to the call charges that we incur when we use the conventional landlines. Therefore, you will be able to enjoy substantial savings on your telephone bills when you make use of a PBX phone system.

Another major advantage of using PBX phone systems is that you will have access to a central company number. All the departments and employees of your company can access this central number to convey urgent information. Besides that, both the sales and marketing team can communicate with each other to take urgent executive decisions while dealing with huge and prospective business deals. Therefore, you can see that PBX phone systems are indeed a great technical resource for your firm that enables you to streamline your daily company operations and convert them into direct business leads.

VOIP Phone

                          Hybrid Phone System

Multinational corporate companies make use of PBX or VOIP phone systems. This way, they will always stay interconnected with other branches of their companies located at different parts of the world. The senior level management can arrange quick conference calls and call for urgent business meetings with the help of the PBX phone systems.

Another main benefit of PBX phone systems is that they can provide detailed management and call record details in real time. The caller ID feature will enable you to monitor and track every single call received in your organization.  Additional technical features of the PBX phone systems include voice to email delivery, call forwarding, email, auto redial, call on hold and voicemail features.

Finding The Best Phone System For Your Business

Business Phone System

                       Business Phone Options

Sometimes, it is hard to choose the best phone system for your business, because of the variety of business phone system options available in the market. To make sure that you have the best setup, you will have to make many considerations while weighing the options. However, you should have a clear idea of what you want from the phone system, before venturing to search for a matching product.

Know that a new phone system will almost certainly bring changes to the way your business operates. Try to make sure that these stay on the beneficial side.

What you need

Find a good business phone system, and for that, first know your business requirements. Check out the following aspects.

  • Number of handsets supported: This is one of the primary concerns, especially if you have a high number of employees using handsets connected to the system. Ensure that you have as many lines as you will need.
  • Number of simultaneous phone lines supported: This determines how many phone lines or channels the phone system can handle at any single time.
  • Extra features: You should know the features that you need before you appraise the ones on offer. Popular ones include a greeting message on the phone, menus, and other features as found on PBX.
  • Telephone numbers: This is a vital aspect to the business – whether or not you will be able to keep the number you are using at the time of setting up the business phone system. Check if the carrier can be changed instead. Also, if you will be using a regular landline, or a toll-free number.
  • Phone System type: When you are satisfied with the features and provisions, move on to deciding the type of phone system to set up. The main ones used today are on-premise PBX, and cloud-hosted PBX.

    Simultaneous Phone Lines

                                  Business Phone Lines

On-premise PBX

This is use commonly by businesses all around, and is advantageous in many ways, except that the cost and maintenance involved is significantly high.

Hosted PBX

These are the cheaper, lighter version of PBX, and can be easily deployed, maintained, and employed. The cost cuts can be as much as half from on-premise PBX, and because this is VoIP-based, it draws from the speed of the internet connection.

That was on finding the best phone system for your business. Check our other posts for more info on the various options available.

An Overview Of Cisco Phone Systems And Routers

CISCO Phone System

                   Cisco Telephone System

Cisco router has turned out to be a generic name for router systems, thanks to its huge popularity. There are a few things that I think is important to mention here to give a good review about Cisco router and Cisco phone system.

First of all, let me explain here the parts of a Cisco router. The central part of a Cisco router is its CPU (Central Processing Unit). There aren’t many differences between the way the CPU of a Cisco phone system and that of a PC works. CPU is part of the internal components of a Cisco router. Other components are Flash, RAM, ROM, NVRAM, interfaces and console.

Cisco routers can accept multiple processors at a time to add more capacity to the CPU when required. The Console acts like a plug, enabling the jacks to stay inside the router. However, it does a major task, accessing your configurations when the router is turned on. You have same connections (WAN, LAN and Console) on the interface of your Cisco router as that of a PC. If you have to set up multiple paths on the interface, you may have to get a more advanced Cisco router.

Cisco routers are effectively used in a wide range of IT firms. The uses of a Cisco router can be multiplied by effectively integrating onboard interfaces and transceivers.

Why Cisco phone systems

As in the case of Cisco routers, the uses of a Cisco telephone system are doubled when it is used in specific fields and is integrated with advanced settings. IT firms claim that the Cisco telephone systems allowed them to transform communication into better ways, just like VoIP solutions. It works quite different from traditional phone systems, offering much better services and options.

Interfaces And Transceivers

                 Benefits Of Cisco Phone System

Although a standard Cisco phone system might cost higher than an average phone system, the features you can get from it is greater. Companies testify that they were able to compensate the extra cost they had to pay to purchase a Cisco telephone system within a few months. The reason is simple. Cisco telephone system offered so many features and options that the customers are able to coordinate them to improve the functions of their office.

Every Cisco telephone system is tested by experts before being dispatched to the sales outlet. So, there is hardly any chance that you might come across a flawed telephone system from Cisco.

Making The Best Use Of A Virtual Phone System

Virtual Phone System

                          Virtual Phone Setup

If you are managing a thriving business, you already know the need for a telephone system that grows right alongside. A virtual phone system is a way to make your firm look more competent, and your services more substantial. It is hard not to draw benefits from having something like this in your work environment.

Benefitting from virtual telephone system

Maybe the business you run is in one place, and you are not able to manage having offices in other cities. This is where a virtual phone system can be of advantage, as you can keep local numbers in any major city, drawing customers more surely than otherwise. If you are only venturing out into the business and need to work on expanding your client base, this is a good option there too, especially if you are working from home.

This phone system will let people make local calls to the numbers you have in place, and these calls would be re-routed directly to you. Your business can get much better exposure than if you give your actual number to everyone.

Having a virtual phone system for your business means that you don’t have to be at your desk just to answer a call. You could be anywhere in the world, and as long as someone in one of your office answers the call, and reroute it to you. You could speak to a client anywhere and have them think you are just a few blocks away. This helps the business in multiple ways, and one of them is feeling of trust that clients crave.

Work Environment

                           Virtual Phone Benefits

In addition, if you have several satellite offices, a virtual phone system can do wonders with the way your business tasks are carried out. Each office you connect to the phone system can have the same number when the clients check, so regardless where you are, they would be calling that same number. That cuts down the advertising costs by a huge margin.  Everything you would otherwise have needed to get yourself out among clients, you can now dispense with, and every office you have connects to your main number.

Some of the best in the virtual telephone systems provide creative solutions for your company, and make all the options easy to access, with a single click. You can bring up your business to where you envision, with the help of a virtual phone in every city, as the service providers also supply as well as maintain virtual phone servers everywhere.

Advantages Of Using Cisco Systems In Enterprises

Cisco phone system

                 Phone systems for enterprises

Nowadays, business phone systems are available in a variety of different configurations and provide an ever-growing range of features and benefits to businesses both large and small. Whichever is the build and make of the equipments used; all business phone systems, whether small or large, employ Internet Protocol networks. These systems can be used to connect employees, devices and information resources.

Things bring us to the topic of selecting the best available business phone system to suit your needs. In addition, what would be the best way to deploy it? Following are the major concerns you have to settle when evaluating and implementing a new small business phone system.

You have to understand exactly, which features your Cisco Phone system should support. Different business models work in different ways and would require the use of unique utilities. You have to select from the list of following features and then choose the ideal phone system that fulfils all your needs:

  • Video Conferencing (ability to conference with multiple employees or customers sitting in your workplace)
  • Mobile Softphones (allows your computer to act as a phone when needed.)
  • Automated attendant caters to your customers when your employee is not available or busy. In systems, where direct interaction is not important, the attendant will be able to handle the entire task by itself.
  • Integration with Customer Relation Management system (CRM systems are required to manage the interaction with your customer base.)
  • Paging and intercom (this feature can be further enhanced by installing a private network to connect your entire workplace. This way, you get to save on internet expenses as well)

    CRM systems

                          Advantages of Cisco systems

  • Presence Technology(identify who is where within the organization and establish the best way to reach them)

You have to understand that you would need to make significant changes to your business operations once you switch over to Cisco phone system. This is essential to completely utilize the new set of features that are available to the employees.

The best method for selecting the best-suited phone system for you would be contact a trusted local advisor that can look into your business and ascertain the best features to maximize your short-term and long-term business goals.

All though there would be an initial hesitance to change to new system, a definite boost to your enterprise is expected once your business has accepted this new system.