Importance Of PBX Phone Systems

Virtual Phone System

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Communication is an essential factor that determines the success of a business organization. Choosing the best office phone systems is important Irrespective of how big or small your company is. Among the types of office phone systems available nowadays, a virtual phone system or PBX is considered to be quite beneficial.

The best aspect of using a PBX phone system is that it requires minimal investment. As compared to other phone systems, these phone systems also come up with an effective call management system that comprises of several interesting options. These useful features include call distribution, call conferencing, auto attendant, call waiting and voicemail etc. In short, the virtual phone system ensures that the communication inside the organization is coordinated efficiently.

Among these, the auto attendant feature is one of the most useful ones. This feature functions as a live receptionist that attends all the calls with the help of suitable welcome messages. The callers are usually provided with menu options to connect calls to the right destinations. These include name, dial by extension and other interesting options. Adding to it, the option of call routing is also available, which is done without sending busy tones to users.

Call Conferencing

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Another amazing benefit of using the PBX phone systems in your office is that you can even answer calls outside your office. This can be made possible by answering calls from your alternate numbers and that include your residence as well as cell phones. This can be done by using the ‘find me follow me’ call forwarding option in the virtual phone system. This makes it possible to allow your employees to work even from home without altering the productivity of the business. Those calls which are not answered are transferred to the voicemail box option, wherein there would be an option that allows the callers to place voice messages.

Talking about other benefits of this phone system, the most notable ones include the option to allow long distance and international calls at affordable charges. Moreover, the local business presence can also be established in any specific location as per your preference. PBX phone systems also allow the users to maintain a number of extensions from the existing connection. This can allow you to expand your business more without investing in additional telephone lines.

Hence, using PBX phone systems is highly beneficial and can help you to expand your business in quick time.

Major Advantages Of Using Cisco Phone Systems

Cisco Phone System

                    Cisco Phone Systems

A Cisco phone system proves to be one of the best business solutions for small-scale business establishments. This is because the Cisco phone system will enable the work force of the company to perform all their daily business operations more effectively than just handling inbound and outbound calls.

Are you the owner of a small-scale business firm? Then it will be beneficial for you to install the advanced phone system in your company. Read along to know more about the multifaceted benefits of Cisco phone systems.

Cisco phone system

You will be able to connect the small phone systems to a large-scale telephony system on the Internet Protocol network or IP network. This will enable you to access similar tools and features just like large-scale business firms. In a way, we can see the Cisco phone systems are custom built with specific tools that will enhance the business growth of small companies.

Small phone systems will enable the management of the company to provide better customer service and will give the employees the advantage to work from distant locations. The customer service center can effectively coordinate with potential customers and garner direct sales leads with the help of Cisco phone systems. Enhanced mobility is another salient feature of the advanced Cisco phone systems. You can see that the cordless IP phone systems will provide proper access to important business data and the entire network of the phone system from the company’s conference room, warehouse and the sales floor. There are various phone features such as click to chat, one touch dial, fax and email facilities for the customers to maintain contact with the sales and marketing teams.

IP Network

                      Conventional Phone Lines

Reduced operation costs and enhanced productivity is another major advantage of using Cisco phone systems. The company can make substantial savings on phone charges. The rates for making phones with the conventional phone lines can generate mammoth sized telephone bills on an annual basis. The combined data and voice network of the phone system simplifies the installation process and this helps to make further cost reductions.

There is a wide range of network phone systems that are fully loaded with advanced technical features. You will be able see the entry level Cisco IP 500 phone series as well as the most advanced Cisco IP 7900-phone series. Therefore, we can certainly say that Cisco phones systems are an important requisite in every business organization to generate more business and to rake in more profit.

Why Is Phone System Financing Beneficial To You?

Phone System

          Financing Solutions For Phone Systems

Whether you already own a business or you want to start one, you will need financing every now and then. Different types of businesses require different types of financing options and this is exactly what phone system financing companies provide. They understand your specific requirements, are experts in phone systems technology, and can provide optimal solutions to the best of their capability.

Every business requires a solid communication network. The efficiency of this network is reflected upon the entire company operations. Phone system financing companies provide simple and hassle-free financing solutions that cater to your specific needs. The best part is the extremely short period that such companies take to deliver the financing solutions.

Hire purchase, bill discount, small value loans and operating lease are just some of the different options available from such financing companies. Setting up phone systems can prove to be extremely expensive for a start-up venture, so such financing schemes enable easy to pay small investment loans so that you can buy the technology you need. Bill discount option would be alluring to enterprises that have business expansion plans and have to buy phone systems in bulk.

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               Phone System Financing Options

If purchasing equipments is not beneficial to your business model, you can even choose to borrow such equipment using the operating lease program. You do not have to waste time with various financing options and can use the leased equipments by paying rent for it. A good phone systems financing company would even feature the ability to lease equipment without any time limit! Another advantage of using rental equipment is that you can avail upto 90% of resale value on them. Moreover, this avoids the risk of value depreciation on the equipments you purchased and can choose to lease new and latest equipments after a fixed duration.

Another option that you can avail is finance lease on phone systems. Even though you do not get to own the equipment under such an agreement, you get a percentage of resale profit as rebate upon the end of contract. This fee also includes maintenance contract on your rental fees and hence you get to plan ahead for the small monthly expenditure. Since the competition is high among different financing companies, you can look through many options to select the one that you prefer the most.

Using different phone system financing companies is a win-win model since you get to use the best equipment at the least expense. The amount you thus save can be used to expand your business in other areas.

Carry Out Business Operations In A Flawless Manner Using Business Phone Systems

Business Phone Systems

                        VoIP Phone Systems

VoIP communications system or business phone systems are an important requisite for modern companies that look forward to making substantial profits. The installation of advanced phone systems is imperative, as it offers many advantages. The below mentioned aspects will give you a better picture regarding the subject.

Benefits of modern business phone systems

Effective communication is an essential factor to carry out business operations in a flawless manner. The installation of VoIP phone systems gives every business entrepreneur the edge to communicate with the customers as well as all the various departments of a company without any delay. This in turn will prove to be a resourceful factor that can increase work efficiency and business profits. There are numerous models of advanced business phone systems available in the market these days. All these phone systems come with many attractive features. The one touch dial feature will get you instantly connected with the different segments of the workforce of a large-scale business establishment.

Another major advantage of VoIP communication systems is that it enables the company to enjoy optimal cost reduction. The charges for VoIP phone calls are comparatively much lesser when compared to the conventional phone lines and call rates. This is one reason why many leading companies are switching over to the VoIP platform. They are able to make huge savings on an annual basis with the aid of numerous technical features that will facilitate smooth business communications.

VoIP phone systems will enable the company to simplify their daily management activities, prioritize important calls, transfer the call easily to anyone and anywhere in the network and unify the work force with the help of a single number. This is why many leading multinational companies make use of VoIP communication systems. They can effectively coordinate with other branches of companies located at different parts of the globe.

Effective Communication

              VoIP Communication Systems

The VoIP phone facility is easy to install and use. The best part is that you do not need a lot of hardware. A VoIP system can be routed to the existing phones of a company. This also enables to make significant savings without the need to purchase additional equipments. There are additional key features such as e-mail delivery options, outbound call blocking facility, music on hold, call-waiting facility; call recording, pager notification and auto attend facility.

All the above-mentioned special communication features obviously will help increase the productivity of every business establishment. Besides that, the VoIP communication system can always be updated with advanced features.

Tips For Buying The Best VoIP Phone Systems

Voip Phone System

                Benefits Of VOIP Phone System

If you are an entrepreneur, managing a growing business firm, there will be many things that make you confused and put you under a state of uncertainty as to how to proceed. For instance, when it comes to choosing a phone system, most entrepreneurs are left confused. The reason is that there are many types of telephone systems. Some are highly expensive while others are cheaper. Choosing an outdated phone system might not burden you financially but it could turn out to be a cause of headache in future.

Every emerging business firm prefers to install advanced telephone systems, say VOIP phone systems, to outdated ones in their offices. The advantage with a VOIP telephone system is that it is futuristic. It has higher scalability and durability. Nevertheless, you don’t have to buy VOIP telephone system from an unknown company or the first brand you come across. In fact, you need to keep three major points in your mind while selecting a VOIP telephone system. They are reference, accreditation and demonstration.


Never get a VOIP telephone system from a company that has no accreditations. There are many new companies who sell good products even though they don’t have accreditation. However, you do not have to take chances. When you approach a telecom reseller or manufacturer, request them to show you their certifications and accreditations. A telephone system is something that you do not want to replace from time to time. It is a long term investment and therefore be sure that you invest in the best quality one.


Ask your friends or colleagues who have recently purchased VOIP phone systems for their businesses about the efficiency of the system. You could ask them a few questions such as,

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How reliable are they? Are they at your disposable when you call them for maintenance? Did the phone system exceed your budget? Did the purchase include any hidden charges? Getting these questions answered, you could go ahead with a particular company you are convinced about.


Reputed companies that sell telephone systems are ready to offer live demonstration. Seeing the live demonstration will help you decide whether the phone system is of your use. It can also help you ascertain the capabilities as well as ease of use of the system.

Do plenty of researches and get as many references as possible about a particular VOIP phone system. Once you have sufficient information, go ahead with your purchase.

Advanced Business Telephone Systems

Business Phone Systems

Business Phone Systems Info

A business telephone system is one consisting of multiple telephones used (by businesses) in an interconnected manner, allowing various features such as call handling and call transferring, conference calling, voice messaging (private and shared), etc. Business phone systems may consist of just a few telephones in a small or medium enterprise, up to a complex PBX (Private Branch Exchange system) for huge businesses or corporations.

Business phone systems are so advanced now that if you are able to utilize them well it’s highly beneficial. These days, it is not just simple call handling; since these systems have to handle heavy call volumes and maintain client service. For any business, customers or clients are extremely important. A highly efficient business telephone system can prove to be a useful resource when it comes to customer interaction and communications. If you are able to keep your customers satisfied, your business can remain profitable.

Traditional business phone systems are not easily scalable, portable and flexible. This is where newer technologies prove useful. VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol is one of the relatively new technologies used by business phone systems. There are many benefits to using VoIP which include lowering costs, less maintenance required, and improved functionalities.

Improved Functionalities

Business Phone Systems

The greatest advantage of business telephone systems using Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is that it saves money. Considering the current situation of the economy, saving money is one of the most important objectives of any business or company. The monthly phone charges can be reduced by efficiently using VoIP bandwidth. Even the cost involved per extension is much less. These telephone systems allow the facility to carry on more than one phone call over a single broadband connection. This way you can add the extensions pretty easily and cost-effectively.

The integration of business telephone systems with a VoIP provider can be accomplished by various methods. An Analog Telephone Adapter can be used to connect your phone system to a broadband Internet provider. If you are not keen on connecting via your computer system, you can anyway use dedicated VoIP phones. These dedicated VoIP phones can be integrated with a VoIP provider.

When connected with VoIP, business telephone systems are capable of performing a variety of functions. Various package options cater to the needs of both large and small businesses.

With businesses giving more importance to strong customer service, integrating your current business telephone system with VoIP can help save money without compromising on service.

Ways To Acquire Affordable Business Telephones

Phone Systems

                          Choose Phone Systems

Any business dealings can turn incomplete without a proper phone system. Since effective communication is one of the major factors that help every business concern, choosing a business telephone system should be considered with much priority. Phone systems available today are introduced for both small and large business concerns. Depending upon the size of your firm, you could choose a phone system that renders all your requirements by not exceeding your anticipated budget for purchasing the phone system.

A phone system is eventually a long-term investment, as the business firm uses the system for a prolonged period. You need to identify your expectations and requirements from a phone system before deciding on a suitable one. If you wish to save money while purchasing a phone system, you could follow the below mentioned tips that can help you during your purchase.

Consider the amount of usage

Depending upon the amount of usage of a phone by your employee, you could choose the plan. It would always be better to choose a plan with fixed rate for unlimited usage. If your employees require high usage of phone systems, then it would be better to choose a fixed talk time plan for the month.

Low cost long distance calls

Long distance calls are often costly for any firm. When a business firm requires frequent interaction with customers or clients located in faraway places, long distance calls become inevitable. There are certain telephone system providers who offer discounts for such calls.

Lengthy calls

Anticipated Bud

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Your business firms would have to engage in lengthy calls that would be charged differently by different phone system providers. If the fixed rate charged is low and if you make short calls, it cannot be treated economical. Depending upon the billing, increment for 10 seconds or so will help you to save money to a great extent.

Unwanted telephone accessories

When you purchase a phone system, they would normally be accompanied by a set of accessories for which you will be paying money. Accessories like camera, jazzy displays, ring tones, keypads and others are not always essential for a phone system. Unless your business requires these, it is better to avoid such luxuries while purchasing a phone system.

These are the different tips that you can consider while purchasing phone systems for your business firm. All these factors can definitely help to reduce cost to a great extent.

Comparing Panasonic Phone System And Toshiba Phone System

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For any business organization to flourish, an effective communication system is essential. For this, you need to use advanced phone systems. The Panasonic telephonic system is one of the most commonly used office phone systems in the world, due to the advanced options it provides. Similarly, Toshiba phone systems are also used in offices worldwide.

Before comparing the features of these two world-class office phone systems, you should know the fact that choosing the right phone system for your firm depends on the business you run.

Panasonic phone systems

If you study the features of the number of Panasonic telephone systems released over the years, you’ll notice that in the latest version, the company uses up to date options such as the KX TE system. This is highly commendable in the field of office phone systems because this is an advanced and a fully hybrid communications system. Most importantly, this was developed keeping in mind the small/medium size business. These office phone systems can be easily upgraded from 3 office phone lines and 8 extensions to 6 lines that can even have 24 extensions. For this purpose, addition of optional cards is possible, which utilizes the analog lines.

In addition to these features, the Panasonic office phone systems feature caller line identification that includes an LCD option to display the number of the caller. There is also an advanced option to catalogue the telephone numbers of upto 20 unanswered calls per extension, which is extremely useful.

Toshiba phone systems

KX TE System

                            Top Phone System

As mentioned above, there are many business organizations that prefer using a Toshiba phone system over the others. Some of the attractive options of these phone systems include taking minimal amount of space and the modern messaging features, which is arguably the best among the lot. There is a Waiting Message Indicator/Visual Ringing Lamp option that alerts you about the incoming messages or when your telephone is going off while you are on a different call. The characteristic large dial pad in these phones provides a user-friendly interface to the users, which in turn ensures enhanced productivity. Toshiba phone systems mainly cater to the needs of modern business organizations that seek advanced options and require a constant improvement in productivity. The process of installing these phone systems is also relatively simpler as compared to other services.

So, if you’re looking for an efficient phone system for your business, considering the features of these phone systems can be useful. As mentioned above, you need to choose one depending on the specific requirements of the business you own.

Choosing The Best Phone System For Business

Phone System

                  Corporate Phone Systems

When you start up a business, it is important to have a good and reliable phone system with adequate facilities. The system should be able to provide all the latest technical aspects. The phone systems available today include corporate telephone systems, office telephone systems and commercial telephone systems.

Corporate Telephone Systems

The best system to install in a corporate company is always a custom-made phone. Most of the corporate businesses look for phones that have mobility, advanced functionality, convergence, facility to work remotely, and other features that make life easy. Providers like Elite Telecom can advise you on tailoring you the best package, in case you are not interested in shaking hands with the legacy companies. A hosted phone system provides voice clarity, converging voice and data, and thus, manifold banks, agencies, and government bodies have started implementing such systems.

Office Telephone Systems

High number of extensions and lines are required when it comes to office telephone systems. Such telephone systems offer many applications and features that help people working from home as well as the in-house agents. Having a small office with all the agents in one site is beneficial when it comes to hardware. This gives you more control over the system.

When you have multiple offices located at different sites, and a huge number of staff, then a phone system with voice over IP facility would be the right choice for you. Moving the system of the office phones to the cloud and investment in VoIP will reduce the cost spent on hardware. This may seem to be scary, but this would be very beneficial to you in the long run, as there is minimum business disruption. Apart from that, almost no installation is required for VoIP systems, and does not require any management heads as well.

Voice over IP

                        VoIP Phone Systems

Commercial Telephone Systems

Most of the trades, retail businesses, entertainment houses, and leisure offices implement commercial telephone systems. Many think that having a system set up for offices are only meant for big companies, but as the cost has come down recently, commercial companies and small-scale businesses have started implementing such systems also.

Phone system for various purposes is available according to the usage and necessity. So you can choose the right one for your purposes easily.

How Does A Telephone System Work?

Phone System

           Working Principle Of Phone System

We often hear about telephone systems. It is inevitable in an office or company. We use it to communicate with our subordinates or higher-level reporting persons. But, have you ever given any thought on the working principle of a phone system? How it works and how communication between you and the other person is made possible? Well, I am sure not many of you have seriously thought about it. This article will take you through the working principle of a telephone system.

How does a telephone system work?

A telephone system is an instrument or device used for communication. It enables the transmission of sound signals from one place to a distant place. Before sending the sound signals, the telephone system converts them into waves. Likewise, it reconverts the waves received from the other end into sound signals and allows you to hear them.

Telephone network

Perhaps, the largest network in the world could be the telephone network. It is universally interconnected. If you have access to a telephone system, you can connect it to any telephone system in the world and start communication. All you need to do is pick up your receiver and dial the number. If the line is not engaged, you will get connected instantly. If the line is engaged when you try to connect to a particular number, you can try re-dialling after a few minutes.

Invention of telephone systems

The invention of telephone systems happened almost a hundred years ago. The legendary genius Graham Bell was behind this epoch making invention. Although there have been significant changes in the modern telephone systems we have presently, there is no much difference in the working principle. The same working principle Graham Bell used for the hundred-year-old first phone system is still used in modern telephone systems.

Transmission Of Sound Signals

                        Benefits Of Phone System

When you lift the handset of a telephone system in order to communicate with someone, your telephone system will get connected to the routing network. You are supposed to dial the number of the person with whom you want to speak. The unique combination of the digits in the number will trigger the passage of a signal to the telephone system of the other person and subsequently his phone will start ringing. The connection becomes complete when he picks up his handset. You are ready to start your communication now.

Phone system is one of the greatest inventions in human history. It has simplified communication. Now we have highly sophisticated devices like smartphones to communicate with others. However, the fundamental working principle of a telephone system is still relevant.