The Advantages Of Using VoIP Phone Systems For Small Businesses


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An effective phone system is essential when it comes to running a business. These phone systems have been revolutionized and are now able to work better and easier than the old office phone systems. With the advancements in technology nowadays, it is not necessary to appoint an office receptionist, since the phone system is able to do the job of a receptionist.

When we look back about ten years, one of the most important and the most fascinating inventions made when it comes to office phone systems is the VoIP systems. VoIP, otherwise called voice over internet protocol, is one of the fastest growing types of office phone systems that people are using. The best thing is that they have revolutionized phone systems from the usual ones where you need to wait until its installation, to the simple plug and play system. VoIP phone systems are advantageous in every way, effectively working and economical as well. There are plenty of benefits of switching to a VoIP phone system.

People running a small business can make the most of this system, as it is easy and relatively simple to install. As the name goes, Voice over internet protocol, the system solely works when there is an active internet connection and hence they need not worry about the installation cost. You just need to use the same internet connection that you have been using to access emails or to browse. Now the enterprise would be able to make long distance calls and local calls. Enterprises that already have an existing connection can switch to VoIP systems with ease. With a little bit of upgrade, they can switch from the existing phone system to VoIP systems.


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When you compare the VoIP phone systems with the traditional phone systems, the traditional phone system needs a layout, an office remodeling to suit the layout of the phone system, purchasing costly instruments and much more. In the case of a VoIP system, you just have to purchase a few headsets that would be connected to the system while making a call and the upgrade of the system would be as simple as a software upgrade.

With this system, you will be able to avail many facilities like caller ID, call forwarding, automated response, hold music, voice messaging and many more facilities that would impress the customers. They would also realize the credibility of the business, which would encourage them into doing more business with you.

Benefits Of Using Cisco Remote Phones


  Cisco Phones

The Cisco phone system helps the person in charge to get access to the features and functions of the IP phone in a remote way. The technician will be able to refresh and use the phone display in real time without the need to go to the local area. The key feature of the Cisco remote phone software includes the visibility to the end user while using the phone system. The control of the phone for the replications of the issues and to place test calls while diagnosing the issue is superb. The technician will be able to test the phone after applying the fix. You will be able to fix the trouble with a ticket and then report back to the user when there is no issue anymore.

The support staff will be able to view and control the phone of the end user while at a centralized location. This allows the use of the trouble shooting, verification and replication problems. This phone system makes use of the Jphnoe tool that allows controlling the Cisco phone remotely. This feature helps checking the phone’s on the screen status and in real time. The user will get access to the display and will be able to follow the Cisco IP phone in real time. The user will be able to order the phone and then answer the calls by the use of the Cisco remote phone control software. You can send text messages on the phone and guide the user of the phone on using the same.


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You will also be able to troubleshoot or debug an issue to validate it. To be able to use Cisco remote phone, the software needs to have its IP address. You will be able to find two types of mechanisms, the automatic mode, and the manual mode. The automatic mode helps you to find the IP address by the use of the line number. You will have to specify whether the number is configured on the phone or on the device. In the manual mode, you will have to specify the IP address of the phone that you wish to observe. The end user will be the one who will be controlling the Cisco phone system.

If you wish to know more on the Cisco phone systems, you can visit the official website of Cisco phone to more on the models, features and other details.

Why Panasonic Phones Are The Best

Panasonic phone systems

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If you have browsed searching for business phone systems, you would find countless different companies that provide either business solutions or telephone devices, all of them with similar features. It makes the selection process a bit confusing, because even the pricing schemes may be similar. However, when it comes to selecting a business system, more often than not, it is better not to select on the basis of cost alone.

Although there are several products in the market, it is better to select the industry leaders. Every year, several new companies may make their way into the market. However, very few of them survive. Panasonic phone systems are one of the market leaders. It has been in the telecommunication business for a long time and has not faded out even after countless developments in the industry. Because of its high quality standards and creative business tactics, Panasonic not only survived the changing telecommunication field, but has dominated it.

Exactly like the computer and internet industry, the telecommunication industry has also seen leaps and bounds in the recent years. It has come a long way from telephone operators, who had to manually route every single call to VoIP phone systems that are capable of handling voice and video using a device just the size of our palm. Panasonic phone systems made the right decisions along the way and have a wide variety of telephone systems, which includes business phones to hand-held mobile phones. However, over the years, Panasonic has shifted its market base into supplying the best business phones that serve every single field.

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   Panasonic business phone systems

Panasonic phones have been tried and tested over years and have been named one of the most reliable phone systems, exactly because of the stringent quality standards and long durability. Moreover, these products are not exorbitantly priced unlike its rivals, making them worth the money you pay for them. Whether you want to purchase simple cordless phones with a caller ID facility or you want to purchase advanced business phone systems that are capable of storing 100 contacts, 3-way conference calling, and have support for IP camera integration, Panasonic should be your safest bet.

When purchasing a telephone system, it is important to list out the various features that your business and your employees would benefit from. Once you are done with that, it is also better to list out the features that you most likely need as your business starts expanding. Scalability is an important factor when selecting your phone unless you want to waste your resources purchasing new hardware all the time.

Small Business Phone Systems And Its Basics

Small Business Phone System

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A small business phone system is one of the key elements of any business system. Despite all the advancements in technology, phone systems still remain to be the most crucial element for contacting the outside world. You can make several calls throughout the day to contact your coworkers as well as customers using this system. When it comes to business needs, most telephone systems that are on sale today are sold in packages. This means there will be several devices and networking equipment to construct the business telephone network.

This does not mean that the telephone system as a whole has not advanced over these years. Nowadays, it is more fashionable to use wireless phone systems that can be used to connect intercoms. This way, the user can contact the customer from any part of the room they want because of the wireless transmission. Similarly, for small business applications, there will be an apt small business phone system that can be put to use. This would require the need for a base station consisting of the main telephone with an answering machine, a caller id and an address book. This central base station is then connected to a few handsets in order to interconnect various employees in a workplace.

Such business networks are extremely scalable. The system itself is expandable but can even be scaled on a later date without any hassles. This means, you can buy further hardware and connect it with the existing old telephone system in order to expand its features. A major new breakthrough in the field is the rise of VoIP systems that employ a small business phone setting, a router and a steady internet connection. With the help of these few devices, you can have a more reliable and cheaper service.

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Apart from the benefits when it comes to cost and upkeep, several different services like call waiting, virtual assistant service, call routing and several other features are available. From the maintenance cost to the cost it requires to scale the phone system through the years, a modern phone system that uses VoIP systems are definitely worth the investment.

Telephone systems are bound to incorporate cloud computing and several other services in future. Of course, while this may merely be speculation, it remains beyond doubt that business phone systems have become more reliable than ever before. Look into the different possible providers and select the best service provider that caters to all your needs and is yet affordable.

The Highly Effective PBX Phone Systems

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The idea of a PBX phone system is a switching system that is interconnected with a company’s telephone extension among each other and the telephone network outside it. In the beginning, the system was made only with the help of fixed lines, which has been replaced with the VoIP technology over time. With the help of voice over internet protocol, the communication lines are not only interconnected to the fixed lines, but also to the internet.

PBX systems are loaded with different features that are helpful in a business system to create an impression to the customer that your standards are high and good. Apart from the conventional telephone and fax system, there are many features such as call forwarding, auto attendant, caller ID, on-hold music, conference calls, voice to mail facility, and many more. You will be able to manage your communication system in the most effective way using these systems.

With the auto attendant feature, the incoming calls are attended automatically. The call is later routed to the right person either with the extension or with their name. With this feature, you will be able to eliminate the need for a receptionist. You need not install special equipments when it comes to PBX systems, since it is possible to install one over the current telephone system. A hosted PBX phone system is mostly adopted by small and medium businesses due to the wonderful features, which are relatively cheaper. When compared to the other system, the maintenance and the installation charges are less in this hosted system.

PBX Phone System

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All the services needed for a hosted PBX system is rendered from an Application Service Provider. Hence, it is not required that you purchase the necessary hardware to install the system since all these are maintained by the service providers. The access to the PBX equipments is provided to those who sign up for a hosted PBX phone system. In case you need new features, the service providers will be able to render the same instantly, without taking much time.

The hosted PBX system is a hosted communication system that is an extension associated with a person and not a telephone. This is the main reason that lets a person to receive calls at his preferred location, which is named as follow-me calling. This feature makes use of all the numbers associated with a particular person, which is then associated with an extension. Whenever a call is routed to this particular extension, it will directly reach a particular person to whom the extension is assigned, irrespective of his current location.

Tips For Setting Up Business Phone Systems

Phone Systems For Small Business

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One of the main features of a phone system is that no matter how technologically advanced we are, we still need phone systems to manage office phone calls. If you have the right phone systems for small business enterprises, you can multiply the profits exponentially in no time. However, while setting up a business phone with your office, you need to make sure that you do it the right way first time itself or additional amount may need to be spent to make it right.

We all make calls to businesses to avail their services often. Most of the people judge the business on how well their call has been managed. So it is very much important for every business to have a good phone system installed in offices. If the customer is left to stay on the line waiting, he might develop a bad opinion about the company and so you need to install a phone system that will redirect the call from customer to the available line as fast as possible. Since you manage your customers, suppliers and future businesses through your phone, make sure that you select a good phone system while installing one in your office.

It will be better if you select from one of the phone systems for small business firms that offer the auto answer feature. Auto answer feature is one of the features that businesses must have. It helps in routing calls from clients and customers to their needed services by asking them to press some keys. This will help in saving time for business and in cutting costs on personnel. Since there are multiple business phone systems in the market providing a variety of features, you need to figure out your specific needs so you can select the one that satisfies them perfectly.

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One of the issues that are associated with phone systems is that since they have a complex network, you need to get professionals for installing them in your office. The reason for this is because all the phones will be using the same line. However if you get each of the phones a separate line, then you will be able to install all of them yourself, however this is not economical.

Most of the best phone systems available now in the market are based on the VoIP technology. So make it a point to select VoIP based business phone systems that suit your specific needs and purposes.

Top Phone Systems From NEC

NEC Phone Systems

                  Features Of NEC Phone System

As long as a business has to stay connected to its staff, customers and clients, it should have an advanced phone system. The number of benefits an advanced phone system can offer to a business is many. It not only simplifies the process of customer relationship management but also enhances the productivity of the business. When it comes to advanced phone systems, NEC telephone systems have a special place among the entrepreneurs owing to its numerous unique features. No wonder why NEC phone systems are considered the best telephone systems for businesses.

Unique features of NEC telephone systems

NEC is the only phone system manufacturer that offers phones as well as compatible applications. You can find a large number of telephone systems as well as compatible applications from NEC. NEC offers the greatest level of productivity that today’s phone systems can provide.

NEC offers Quick access to tools

With NEC phone system, accessing tools is rather simple. NEC phone systems are equipped with in-built wireless systems, UNIVERGE family of desktop phones and soft-phones. The conglomeration of these unique features ensures that users have no problem accessing any of the tools they might need while using the phone system.

Maximum number of customization options

NEC offers maximum number of customization options than any other phone systems. Experienced users testify that they have found the customization features and options with NEC the best and admit that it helped their business to be more flexible while communicating with the clients.

Top phone systems from NEC

NEC offers several phone systems. A random selection of some of the top phone systems from NEC are listed below.

DT300 series

Ideal for data communication as well as voice communication, DT300 series is considered the best desktop IP phone out there. The phone is also capable of performing all functions and features that a traditional phone system can offer.

Phone System Manufacturer

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In terms of features, DT770G is better than other phone systems because of its ability to get docked with Bluetooth enabled devices such as tablets and smartphones. This unique feature lets you take advantage of the capabilities and features of a smart device in addition to making use of the traditional features.

NEC phone system is recommended for business users because it gives maximum value for the money you spend. For more information about other models of phone systems, price, warranty, etc, get in touch with the customer support desk.

Setting Up An Efficient Centralized Phone System In Your Firm

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Managing telephone communications inside an office is a nightmare, if you do not have the necessary business phone systems installed to take care of this. You will need many phone lines covering all the employees. By setting up a centralised phone system though, you can take care of all these telephone communications, and also, you can facilitate an internal telephone network that does not use the main PSTN line at all.

About the different business phone systems available

Different types of telephone systems are available catering to the different needs of these organisations. One of the main criteria is obviously the number of employees, who will be using the telephone network. There are telephones systems available designed for small, medium, and large business organisations.

Clearly, the hardware requirements and costs involved for setting up a phone system for a small number of employees will be less than what will be required in a bigger corporate office. However, if you do not factor in the future expansion plans of your firm while setting up such a centralised phone system, you will be incurring more expenses down the line. So, you should take a long term view when choosing a telephone system for your company.


                Hybrid Business Phone Systems

The type of technology is yet another criterion. The conventional technology of Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) is still widely used. Modern phone systems however, add many new features like call forwarding, call recording, voice mail, etc to your PSTN phone lines. Also, as explained earlier, the centralised phone system will efficiently facilitate the internal communications among all the connected lines without using the main PSTN lines at all. This will lead to significant reductions in your annual telephone bills.

Digital telephone systems that uses internet instead of the conventional PSTN are also very popular. These systems are called Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP systems, referring to the phone technology used in setting up the network. This switch from PSTN lines to internet will also help you reduce your communication expenses by a big margin. The VoIP software can be easily modified to add many new features and functionalities to the existing network.

A hybrid phone system combines both the technologies, PSTN and VoIP, and users can simply switch from one to the other whenever needed. This makes the hybrid system the most flexible of the telephone systems discussed here.

Choosing A Phone System For Your Small Business Firm

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                       Best Phone Systems

If wish to start up a small business you will definitely need to have a system to communicate and interact with your customers and staff. If not now, you will need to do it in the future, when your business expands. For that purpose, you require business phone systems. Agreed, most of the communications happens via email and various modern social networking websites. However, for basic communication needs, you have no choice but to set up a telephone system in your business office. The choice of a business phone system may not be easy, if you have to think within the budget. This is especially true for small businesses that have to consider various factors before choosing a phone system. Through this article we wish to make this task slightly easy for you. We will discuss some important points to be considered before you opt for a particular phone system.

Actually, there are three primary phone systems available, which you can choose from – Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), private Branch Exchange (PBX) and Virtual PBX. VoIP telephone system uses internet for its operation, and it is best suited for small businesses where there are only a few phone lines and voicemail systems are required. The best thing about such a system is that with an adequate amount of bandwidth you can ensure high quality phone calls at affordable costs (at times even free). It even decreases the cost of making international calls.

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                        Traditional Phone Systems

The next available option is Private Branch Exchange. This phone system is slightly more complex compared to VoIP systems. Private Branch Exchange has the capability to accommodate large businesses. One of the most identifiable aspects of this phone system is its switching equipment. This allows users to route phone calls to different people and to outside lines. This is best for huge businesses having multiple departments. Setting up a Private Branch Exchange can be costly and sophisticated. Nowadays, there are many advanced features available enhancing the convenience of users.

The third and the final option is a Virtual PBX phone system. This is actually used on top of your existing phone system. This is mostly added to your Voice over Internet Protocol system. The great thing about this type of phone system is that you need no permanent office installation.

If you were running a small business, then a VoIP phone system would be your correct choice. While choosing a phone system vendor, you should consider factors like how good their tech support is, how scalable the system they provide is, how good their upgrade options are, etc.

Getting Familiar With The Salient Features Of Avaya Phone Systems

Avaya Phone System

              Features Of Avaya Phones

The Avaya phone system is one of the most important technical requisite that is used in many corporate business establishments. The company Avaya Inc is a multinational firm that manufactures and sells high-end phone systems. The international headquarters of the company is located at Santa Clara, California. The company is the leading manufacturer of networking switches, routers and hardware. The company manufactures SDN, video products and unified communication services. You will also get integrated software and hardware services from the company. Read along to know more about the advantages of using the Avaya phone system.

Avaya phone system

It is interesting to know that the company still provides the technical support for the technically advanced business phone solutions that were actually made popular during the heyday of Bell System. The Avaya phones were also used in large numbers along with the 2554 wall phones and the most common 2500 series of desk phones. Both these phones were the most common phones that were used by various business organizations.

It was during the beginning of 2011 that the company acquired Konftel, which used to be a private firm. Konftel was incorporated in the year of 1988 with its headquarters located at Sweden. Avaya Inc took over Konftel with the main intention of expanding the audio features with the advanced Omni Sound system. By June 2011, the company was filed with SEC with the main intention of rising up the initial public offering by 1 billion dollars. On October 4, 2011, the company made the official declaration that it was going to take over Sipera systems for upgrading the UC security applications and the session’s border controller functionality. The company has main branches in almost 145 countries across the globe.

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                  Avaya Phone Systems

The virtual services platform 9000 series of Avaya phones is one of the most popular models of Avaya phone systems. The phone system has a modular chassis build. The device is technically designed to provide top-notch work efficiency to scale to multiple terabits of switching capacity. Besides that, the unique phone system is also capable of supporting 10 and 40 gigabits of Ethernet connections.

The Ethernet routing switch 8800 series is also technically advanced Avaya phone systems that can support upto 10 gigabit of Ethernet ports. Ethernet routing switch 5600 series is also a high-end business phone system that can provide you with enterprise class desktop phone features.