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There is not much we could do in our daily lives without the use of telephones. Since the time they first came out, phones have been a means to communicate effectively and without effort. Most offices these days have PBX phones, which attend calls as and when these are received.

A PBX phone system comes with the provision to answer each and every phone call and handle it accordingly, so that it goes nowhere but into the profit stream. This way it is easy to retain your customers while attracting new ones, all without the need to invest in new technology. And the answering service ensures that everyone who calls is kept happy.

A PBX telephone system can do a lot to improve your business image. PBX allows the call to operate in a virtual environment, and maintains connections across different phone line, such as landline, VoIP, or cell phone. You can integrate other facilities into this stream, including fax and modem.

PBX has features that let it recognize voice responses and speech. Some of the other benefits you can avail from a PBX phone system include automatic call distribution, automatic dialing, call transfer, call conferencing, call waiting, etc. You can also control the main features using the web interface.

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                   PBX Business Telephone

Software based PBX systems carry low cost of operating and even installing. The maintenance is not very heavy on the expenses either. One of the main advantages of having this set up in your office is that you can save on internal call costs. All voicemails are instantly sent to the email account for later retrieval. This uses a high bandwidth internet, which is one thing most companies use these days. The only thing you need to pay for is the phone apparatus, and the answering service you are using.

This answering service is what supports inbound callers when you are unavailable to speak to them. Calls can be received at any time of day and night, with no one sitting by to answer them. A lot of changes have come into the scene with the advent of the private branch exchanges system, especially with regards to the prospects for small businesses.

It is no wonder that the PBX systems have only grown in popularity ever since they came out. These are considered the best business phone option in an office setting, and with good reason, as explained above.

NEC Phone System – Ideal For Office Communication

NEC Phone Systems

                       Phone Systems For Office

An effective telephone system is an essential requirement for every office, organization or corporation, no matter how small or big it is. With a good phone system, it is quite easy to keep all your employees and departments connected all the time. This can simplify their tasks and thereby improve their productivity in the long run.

Changes in the communication system

Over the years, there have been huge changes in the communication systems. The technological advancements have contributed to the improvement of all types of communication systems, including the telephone systems. If you are running an organization that has multiple departments and several employees, it is important that there is an effective communication chain and for this, an advanced communication system is required. Modern phone systems, for instance NEC phone systems, are equipped with interconnectivity and interoperability options to meet the increased demands of maintaining an organized communication chain.

About NEC phone systems

According to some recent reports, NEC telephone system is ranked as one of the most efficient phone systems for corporations. The best thing about NEC phone systems is that they are available in different models. Small businesses, medium businesses and large businesses can find appropriate and affordable phone systems that meet their specific requirements from NEC. A major challenge that small businesses face when it comes to choosing phone system is that there are very limited number of cheap standard phone systems available. When the price is low, the quality of the phone system would also be low. Consequently, the small companies either skip the idea of installing a good phone system in their office or go for the low quality ones which do not function properly most of the time. Fortunately, the phone systems offered by NEC are up to the standard. Whether they are cheap or expensive, they retain a certain level of quality standard. Customers are free to choose an appropriate model of phone system from NEC based on their requirements, features and price.

Modern Phone Systems

                      Advanced Phone Systems

Choose the right NEC phone system for your office

Before you make your choice of the phone system, take some time to evaluate the communication requirements of your office. Factors like the number of employees, number of departments etc need to be analyzed in depth before picking a phone system. If necessary, consult an expert.

You have seen the importance of an effective communication system in an office and the right phone system you can choose to improve your office communication system.

What To Look For In An Office Phone System

Office Phone Systems

                    Buying Office Phone Systems

Business phone systems are an essential component in most offices around the country. Most of these come with heaps of features, which allow for call switching and traffic directing. But a lesser known fact is that a good number of companies only use about a tenth of the features they can avail, after implementing an office phone system. This argues in favor of concentrating on your specific needs before buying, as opposed to looking for a comprehensive set of functionalities which might not prove essential in the longer run.

Acquire those features which stand a definite chance of improving your operational workflow. Given below are some of the indispensible features you’d find in most regular office phone systems.

  • Automatic call attending: This consists of a recorded message which gets played when someone calls. They hear instructions on how to proceed, including how to get in touch with the personnel they’re trying to reach.
  • Call conferencing: Different office phone systems handle this option differently, but the basics are pretty much the same. You should be aware of the different requirements your staff have, and how many people they’d usually need to get in on a single call. Some of the teleconferencing options might not be available as basic features, in which case you’d have to buy them separately.
  • Music-on-Hold: This feature plays a music track which you specify and provide, and which plays during the time a caller is on hold.

    Business Phone Systems

                             Buying Business Phone Systems

Some of the other essential features, which cannot be done without office phone system, include ID display for internal calls, as well as the duration of the call. Conference room phones usually have speaker functionality, but nowadays this is getting to be a common thing on other office handsets as well. Under these you have the half or full duplex distinction. The first one allows only one party to hear at a time, while the full duplex removes that limitation.

Latest office phone systems come with voicemail functionality as well, usually included inside the package when you first buy it. But if it isn’t, it’s bound to cost a lot extra if you still want to get it. Some organizations can justify an additional purchase with the marked need they have for this functionality, but smaller and medium sized businesses can usually do without it. Make sure that you check all aspects before evaluating the suitability of an office phone system.

Benefits Of Setting Up A Phone System In Your Office

NEC Phone Systems

  Implementing A Phone System

In a small office, the setting up of a communication is not a big deal. Separate phone lines for the handful of employees might be more than enough. But, when you are talking about a big office with hundreds of employees, the need for setting up a quality phone system becomes clear. There are many NEC phone systems available in the market that will serve this purpose.

Why use a phone system in your office?

In such a big office, the communication within the office becomes equally important as external communication with customers and suppliers. The hundreds of employees inside the office have to communicate with one another to facilitate various tasks and work-related matters. Relying on the main phone lines for this is an unnecessary expense.

By setting up a phone server system in the office, you can efficiently take care of these needs. Phone server systems like NEC phone systems are available in various models supporting as many number of phone extension lines as required. Most of these phone system models are scalable, which means you can easily add more lines to the existing system as you hire more employees.

Your employees will be using the phone server network set up by the system for all the internal communication needs. The main phone lines will be used only when they need to contact someone outside of the office. This will lead to much cost savings in telephone charges for your business.

Quality Phone System

Office Phone Server Systems

There are many other benefits of using a phone server system. You will get all types of features and tools like voicemail, auto attendant, instant messaging tools, caller ID, call recording and so on. The recorded voicemail messages can be listened to from any phone in the system by accessing it remotely.

Also, you will get a VoIP software for managing your phone calls from your PC. This software can be easily installed in the system and you can use the microphone headset in the PC for answering the calls. This makes matters even more convenient to your employees, who can now answer the calls directly from their PC. In fact, Internet-based telephony reduces the charges even further, since you are no longer using the conventional PSTN lines for making the calls.

So, purchase the right telephone server system for your office and implement it at the earliest to facilitate smooth internal and external communication.

PBX Phone Systems For Small Companies

PBX Phone System

                                    PBX Systems

The purpose of installing a PBX phone system in an office is to redirect the incoming calls to appropriate department or concerned personnel. Advanced PBX systems allow the user to program certain responses. This helps the caller to get the information right away. According to experts, more than 80 percent of the customer queries are frequently asked questions. By programming the responses of these queries into the PBX phone system, the caller need not wait until the human operator is able to attend the call. He can follow the live instructions and get his questions answered instantly.

PBX is more affordable

When it was first introduced, PHX telephone systems were quite expensive. Only multinational companies could afford it. But today it is not so. The ever declining cost of software applications and the invention of advanced hardware products have contributed to the slashing down of the price of PBH telephone systems. Today, PBX telephone system is a common feature observed even in startup companies.

Significance of installing appropriate PBX telephone system

There is no use installing an inappropriate PBX telephone system, meaning before you consider a phone system for your office or company, you must ensure that it is going to be useful and cost effective. The right step to start with is placing an ad on the local TV channel or register at the local chamber of commerce. Doing so, you will be able to come across a large number of models of PBX systems. Finding the right model would certainly not be an issue.

Some tips for PBX telephone system installation

Here are some useful tips that would help you while installing a new PBX telephone system at your office.

Install without replacing existing lines

According to experts, you need not do away with the existing telephone lines in order to install a brand new PBX telephone system. It is possible to set up a new system with your current lines.

Ensure that your system is transparent

Models Of PBX Systems

                             Latest PBX Phones

When you have to choose among a PBX phone from many options, make sure that what you choose is a transparent one. Also, make sure that it is feature rich.

On your lookout for a PBX phone system, you may come across a number of outdated systems at cheaper rates. Make sure that you don’t buy any of them. An outdated PBX system will have limited number of features and compatibility options.

Setting Up Cisco Business Phone Systems

Cisco Phone System

Business Phone Service Provider

In business and corporate networks, it makes better sense to rely on Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) networks rather than traditional telephone networks. While users can merely make phone calls in the traditional system, VoIP enables them to do a lot more, from call-conferencing, to call monitoring, forwarding and several other functionalities at a LOWER rate.

The cheaper rate is because of the low transmission bandwidth required to transmit phone calls as VoIP over internet connection. Thus, the existing internet connection can be made use of to create a business phone system, completely eliminating the need for Plain old telephone system (POST). When it comes to business telephone system over internet, Cisco phone system is one of the most popular service providers.

Once you install the Cisco phone system and configure the network, you are all set to go. Factory settings can be modified without any issues and the ease of change of configuration suits enterprise use where business phone systems have to be scaled and modified from time to time. Once you place the business phone system in place, the settings can be modified with ease. The business phone itself can be used to configure the network and enter various settings. Click on the Settings button and then scroll down to the Unlock configs option and select it. From the options inside the menu, you will be able to modify the various default factory settings.

Business Phone Systems

Cisco VoIP Telephones System

The default password is set to “cisco” and typing this will give you access to the administrative settings. You can even change the password to any other password later. As you can see, even the network configuration can be set through the phone itself, by selecting the Network Configuration. You will see the MAC address of the device from inside this setting. Note down this address for later use. The IP phone configuration settings are stored inside the TFTP server. If you are required to manually enter the IP address of the server, you will have to select this option. The VoIP telephony server will provide the IP address once you hire a particular server.

As you may have guessed, the VoIP telephony server provides IP communication over the private branch exchange system. Do make sure you save individual settings once you make changes to them. As you can see, business phone systems over VoIP provide many more features in comparison with the plain old telephone system.

Useful Features Of Small Business VoIP Phone Systems

VoIP Phone Systems

Voice Over Internet Protocol

Within the past few years, VoIP Phone Systems have almost completely replaced the traditional phone systems. A small-scale VoIP PBX system will allow the users to make calls through high speed internet connection.

If a small business installs a VoIP system in their office, they will be able to save about eighty percentages in their current phone bill. One of the best features is that it not only reduces the cost of operation, it also provides the users with high quality calls. One of the best advantages of installing VoIP is that it will allow the users to make free calls to other VoIP networks, irrespective of the service provider.

While traditional phone systems uses phone lines for making calls, the VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) system, as its name suggests, uses data lines for making calls. With the advancement of IP PBX system, the traditional PBX systems lost their monopoly in the audio communications world. The IP technology makes use of internet for transmitting audio and video signals. It also helps the users in reducing per minute calls as the technology is based on packet switching technique.

If you wish to enjoy VoIP calls, then you must have the following devices in your office like ATA (Analog Terminal Adapter) and a handset. It also requires the user to have high-speed internet with IP service. Some of the features and advantages of installing a VoIP system in your office are mentioned below.

  • Allows the users to easily control and modify the settings.
  • Extensions could be added easily without spending a fortune on devices and installation costs.
  • The VoIP system also allows the users to swiftly forward calls.

    Enjoy VoIP Calls

                      Audio Communication Systems

  • One of the features that only VoIP has is the ability to forward your messages to mailbox and receive them as voice mails. This made sure that the business owner gets all the necessary details.
  • Ability to start conference calls from anywhere in the world. All you need is a working internet connection.
  • Allows to access incoming and outgoing phone activity anytime of the day.

Since the technology provides the users with high quality calls, that too at an affordable pricing range, many small and medium scale businesses are moving on to installing VoIP Phone Systems in their office. Now, there are also hosted PBX systems that help in cutting the cost of operation further.

Type Of VoIP Phone System For Your Small Business

phone systems for small business

VoIP Phone Systems For Small Business

In any business, communication and the systems for it are definitely important. With the wireless trend, phone systems are not lagging behind when it comes to jumping on the Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) bandwagon. VoIP is no more a nascent technology. It has matured because of the availability of cheap high speed internet everywhere. Probably because of this, many companies have abandoned traditional phones systems and are migrating to VoIP phone systems.

All the hype surrounding VoIP is well-deserved because it provides more flexibility, better features and above all ability to reduce cost. VoIP systems make it really inexpensive for you to place calls using traditional phone systems.

Though all this looks cool, are there any potential issues – monetary or technical?  Before that, let us understand how it works.

Things can be pretty simple when you choose a hosted service. Top VoIP vendors handle most activities offsite. The great thing is that call delivery to you and your clients are done seamlessly and in a hassle-free manner. All this is possible when your business make use of phones that are plug-and-play certified for the VoIP provider in question. Another thing, VoIP phone systems for small business do not require any on-site hardware aside from those phones being used.

At the same time, things can be slightly difficult when it comes to maintaining a self-hosted on-site VoIP system.  You would require slightly more work to be done. You will require something called an Internet Protocol based PBX. You can relate it to a VoIP counterpart of the PBX phone systems used in many offices nowadays.  An IP-based PBX is required so that you will be able to successfully route your calls to proper destination phones on your network. Though, this looks slightly complex and expensive, there are many benefits of using an IP based phone system. As far as phone systems for small business are concerned, the cost of installing and maintaining an IP based PBX can be more than a hosted service. But, if you can handle the initial expense and maintenance, IP based PBX cane be extremely beneficial.

high speed internet

Buying Phone Systems For Small Business

Before implementing a VoIP system for your enterprise, you need to have certain things in place. You need to have a high speed broadband connection. The more users you have availing the service simultaneously, the more bandwidth you would require. In case your ISP has a bandwidth cap, you should factor in that as well.

Even when opting for cloud-based hosted VoIP systems, you will need to buy phones that support communication over VoIP. You will require Session Initiation Protocol enabled telephones to make VoIP calls possible.

Consider all these aspects before you choose VoIP Phone systems. However, there are some obvious benefits for small businesses such as scalability, flexibility and affordability.

The Need For VoIP Phone Systems For Your Business

Business Phone System

                      Business Phone Services

Installing a business phone system is essential for every business organization to ensure smooth communication between the employees, employer, customers as well as the clients. Nowadays, you can find numerous types of business phone systems that have varied and useful options. VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol is considered to be the most advanced and affordable option of the lot.

As the name suggests, this business phone system sends voice transmissions over the internet, making it distinct from a traditional phone line. In a VoIP phone system, the data is broken down and transmitted to the receiver as in the case of a computer sending and receiving information from a server while you browse the Internet. Hence, VoIP phone systems prove to be an affordable option because a traditional phone system uses numerous phone lines throughout the office to establish a connection between two parties. Running such phone lines tend to be an expensive option, especially when your company has an internet connection that you can use to power your phone systems. Moreover, if you’re planning to relocate your firm, you don’t require hiring a company to run new phone lines in your office. If you’re using a VoIP phone system, all you need would be an internet connection for establishing the communication system in your new place.

Group Faxing

                   Top Business Phone Systems

Using these advanced phone systems also help you to get rid of the additional phone bills. Your phone system bill would just be an additional part of your internet bill and you won’t be no longer be charged by the minutes you use the phone service. All you require to do will be contacting your VoIP installer to let you know about the additional bandwidth your business will need for using the phone system. Also, if you want to communicate with your international clients, customers or employees, opting for this phone system would be the best option. Along with being the most cost effective solution, VoIP phone systems also have some of the most advanced and useful options. Some of the interesting options in VoIP phone systems include Auto- attendants, call tagging, group faxing, call intercept, true call queuing and many more. These features ensure that the business productivity is not affected due to any reason.

So, as mentioned earlier, VoIP phone systems are extremely useful in helping the growth of the firm. For choosing the best VoIP phone system, it is always better to search on the Internet or even contact your Internet service Provider.

PBX Virtual Phone Service

Virtual Phone System

                          PBX Phone System

It is imperative that businesses should have an effective communication system in order to be a part of the successful business firms. Hosted-PBX virtual phone system and VoIP network system are one of those effective systems adopted by many small business firms to meet their needs seamlessly when it comes to communication.

A hosted PBX phone system comes packed with many features that are able to give your company the most sophisticated and professional appearance in business. This system is called virtual PBX phone system, since they are able to provide all the features similar in a PBX system, but all this is provided over a hosted system. This hosted system is the exact replica of the communication system used in large firms and businesses. The whole system is integrated with many functions such as caller ID, fax to email, auto attendant, voice mail, call forwarding, call tracking, conference calls, on-hold music and many more.

With the auto-attendant service, you need not have a receptionist to answer the call. This feature automatically welcomes the caller and will guide throughout until the caller reaches the right person to speak to either with the name or the extension. With this feature, the system will be able to handle more than one call, thus the lines will never go busy. With the effective call routing system incorporated, the call would definitely reach the right person. If the intended section is busy, the call is routed to another alternative and relevant section. Hence, there will be someone to attend the call at all times.

VoIP Network System

                  VoIP Communication System

With all these features, there will not be any call that goes unattended. Even if nobody is able to pick the call, the caller can leave a voice message, which will be replied by one of the employees at the earliest. With the help of PBX phone systems, you will be able to manage and organize your business from any location. This is the best way to render services to your customers and clients in the most effective way, even without changing your telephone numbers.

Earlier, PBX virtual phone systems were costly and not that easy to install, but now with the improved hosted system, it is very easy to incorporate PBX phone systems in any business. Advancements in technology has happened throughout the years that have lead to many improvements when it comes to communication systems adopted in business. You need not worry about the hardware that you need to install, however, all that you need is the services provided through the VoIP networks.